Messy Play

Unique Baby , Toddler and Pre-School Messy Play Sessions in Preston, Lancashire


Why do Messy Play?

Messy play can make an enormous contribution to babies and young children’s all-round development. The word messy is often given negative meanings and so calling an important aspect of play “messy play” can and does lead it to being undervalued. Messy play is an important part of early years provision and has a valuable place in young children’s learning and development.

Go Create! have constructed messy play sessions for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. These messy play sessions are designed to allow children to learn through their senses. By providing the materials and by encouraging the children to ‘have a go’ parents can see first hand the pleasure children get from the materials and the possibilities for learning.

Go Create! Baby Messy Play
sessions have recently changed. We now accept babies from 5 months upto just walking babies.
Each week we provide a different messy play theme. These include:
Rainbow Spaghetti Week
Painting Week
Volcano Week
Melon Week
Sensory Week
Pudding Week

The materials we use are all edible and baby safe. Older children are provided with different materials and activities


From January 2022 we have made some changes to the days and times we now run the messy play sessions.  Baby Messy play is now held on Tuesdays and Fridays only. From 10.15-11.15am

The morning session is the messiest and is perfect for babies from 5 months upto just walking. Siblings are welcome to attend.


All sessions must be pre-booked. You can pre-book sessions in blocks of 5 for £40. It’s not necessary to attend sessions concurrently. Please contact us for times. Alternatively you can book on a session by session basis for £10.00 per class.
It is important that we are informed at the time of booking should your child have any allergies you are aware of.

Group Bookings

Our messy play sessions are incredibly popular with both babies and parents alike. We aim to limit sessions to a maximum of 10 babies per session because any more than that and things can get a little crazy.
If you are part of a group (for example a baby group) and would like to attend we can offer afternoon and weekend sessions to accommodate. We require a minimum of 5 babies in the group to make this feasible. If you would like to make a booking please email us or contact us through Facebook.