Disability Information

Disability Information at Go Create!

Go Create! in Preston is a wonderful arts and crafts studio specifically designed with children in mind and we aim to provide a positive, worthwhile and interesting experience to all children no matter their ability.

Access to Go Create! is on ground level, we have disabled parking right outside and double doors that can be opened to allow access. There are no steps to access the building.

Once inside the environment is child friendly and the washroom facilities are suitable for disabled persons with handrails etc.

Messy Play Allergy Information

Almost 1 in 12 children now suffer from some form of allergy and they seem to be getting more common and almost every class in the UK now has a child that is allergic to milk, nuts, eggs, wheat or other.
At Go Create! we work with the parents to avoid contact with anything that may cause an allergic reaction.

Prior to booking all parents should be asked if their child has any know allergies. We also provide further information on the day letting you know exactly what everything is.