Themed Party

 Craft Parties at Go Create! Preston

Themed craft parties are suitable for all age children (4+) and larger groups.
With a themed party, the children are given a specific thing or things to create. They can still freely use all of the materials in the drawers to decorate their creation it’s just a lot more focused than a standard drawers party which gives the children the freedom to make anything.
The chosen item is selected based on the age of the children and their ability level.

Examples of the types of craft activities might be gluing and sticking cardboard animals, robots, dinosaurs, fairies, or sea creatures for younger children or creating superheroes, mermaids, animals, castles, and fairy houses for older children.

All activities are led by Go Create! team members who will speak to the children and your guests. They will guide the children and help them to create their masterpieces. We normally allow 45 minutes to 1 hour of activity after which the children will wash their hands while the table is cleaned and prepared for the party food.

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