About Us

What is Go Create!

All about us:

Go Create! is a brand new studio for children that love to get creative.

We are based on the A59 near Longton halfway between Southport and Preston and our studio has ample car parking available. We are open daily except for Mondays and you can simply drop in, there is no need to book in advance.

Inside Go Create you will be delighted by our child-friendly decor. We have child-friendly sized tables and chairs suitable for ages 1-3 years, 4-6 years and 7+.
We have worked hard to provide an engaging, positive and worthwhile experience to all those that visit. We have a total of 66 brightly coloured drawers that contain almost any craft item you can imagine. We have reams of paper in various colours and sizes. We have all the paints and glues and clay and paper mache and feathers and goggly eyes you could ever hope for.

To provide inspiration for your child’s project we provide easy to understand and follow guides. This by no means you need to follow them to the letter, allow their imagination to run free.

When I’m painting please, please mum and dad, will you leave me alone, in your adult eyes it may look a mess. But honestly mum, I’m doing my best!

Don’t ask me, “what is it” don’t say “why that space” And let me put three or four eyes on a face. One day when I’m older I’ll conform just like you. Right now I’m enjoying colours and goo. I paint ‘cos I want to, it makes me feel good, that green bit’s my garden, the red bits my blood. That bit in the corner, that runny bit that’s runny is you – the most beautiful mummy.

So thanks for the paper the brushes and paint, I might make a mess, you know I’m no saint. So just give ma a pinny and I’ll paint you creatures fantastic because I’m learning through play!

While you allow your child to get creative why not enjoy a wonderful cappuccino, mocha or latte from our cafe.