Messy Play Parties

Messy Play Parties at Go Create! Preston

Not only do Go Create! run the most amazing, unique messy play sessions in the UK we also host the best messy play parties in the UK too!
Messy play parties can cater to children from 1-4 years of age and include messy play, food, games, and nursery songs.
Due to space, the maximum number of children we can accept for a messy play party is 15.

A messy play party at Go Create! is fun!! we use edible dry foods and provide a wide variety of different materials to keep the children entertained. Depending on the age of the children attending the messy play can also be combined with craft activities for older children.
Children normally have about 45 minutes of fun in messy play. Children will then need to brush their feet (with a towel) and wash their hands ready for some party games.
While the children are getting ready the messy play area is removed and the table is prepared for the party food.

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