Drawers Craft Party

A drawers craft party is one of our most popular options. This type of party gives children the freedom to create anything they like from our 66 brightly coloured craft drawers.
While the freedom to do anything is great for older children 8+ in smaller groups it’s not recommended for larger groups and young children. For children from 5-8 years, we recommend a themed activity, for example, making a fairy house, a castle, a superhero or animals. 
For the younger children reception, preschool and younger we recommend a themed glueing and sticking activity. This could be for example under the sea or dinosaurs.

All activities are led by Go Create! team members who will speak to the children and your guests. They will guide the children and help them to create their masterpiece. We normally allow 45 minutes to 1 hour of activity after which the table is cleaned for the party food.
If you are choosing an exclusive use party the children will play games while  the table is cleaned and prepared.
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