Children’s Play Centre

Go Create! in Lancashire is a Fantastic Children’s Play Centre with a Difference

Are you looking for a place to take the kids for a day out but you don’t like the idea of another soft play centre

Go Create! is a unique creative play centre for children of all ages. We are located between Preston and Southport on the main A59 bypass. Our popular studio is about 6 miles from the M6 and serves Preston, Leyland, Chorley, Blackburn & Darwen, Southport, Ormskirk and the surrounding areas.

The average play time at Go Create! is around 2-3 hours which offers excellent value for money.

What is Go Create?

Go Create is a wonderful place for children as young as 18 months to enjoy arts and crafts in a child-friendly, relaxed and safe environment.
The main focus is our craft drawers, we have 60+ filled with lots of craft materials that children have full use of. We also have lots of paints including child-friendly school paints, acrylic paint, 3D paints and glass paints.
For older children, we have various paper mache items and wooden boxes that can be decorated and can make a lovely, inexpensive thoughtful gift.

Why Should I go to Go Create?

A visit to Go Create! is a refreshing change from soft play centres. We have worked hard to make it a memorable, fun, interesting and enjoyable experience.
From our kid-friendly decor to the child-sized tables and chair children will instantly feel at home as the environment isn’t greatly different from school or nursery.

Children love to play, they love to investigate and they enjoy having the independence offered to them to choose their own materials.

Go Create is Unique!

No other creative play centre in the UK offers children as much freedom!

There are two further major reasons why you should visit Go Create! today.

  1. We bring families together. In our busy lives, it’s difficult finding time to spend quality time with your children. Work and life commitments tend to get in the way, why waste this precious time taking them to a soft play centre where they will run off and you will barely see them.
  2. If you ever do crafts with your kids at home you will know how frustrating an experience it can be. You find you either don’t have the materials you need or you are so worried about the mess (particularly painting and glitter) that you spend time worrying about the mess and the event doesn’t become enjoyable.

At Go Create! you don’t need to worry about any mess as we do all the cleaning up afterwards