Children’s Activities to You

Bringing Children’s Activities to Your Business or Event

Go Create! is looking to partner with local businesses seeking to engage with children as part of a family activity. This could be beneficial to pubs, restaurants, local businesses, shopping centres, local councils etc.

We offer fun, guided workshops aimed at children from 3-10 years of age which are led by an experienced Go Create! team member. The workshops can be placed within your indoor or outdoor area and take up very little space.

The activity workshops Go Create! run are varied, fun and mess-free and are will keep children entertained. Children can make a craft item and return to play with additional fun items for as long as they like.
Offering your families children’s activities is a great way to increase revenue through customer retention. Parents are more likely to stay longer and enjoy your facilities if their children are kept entertained.

The price to you would be £0 (Zero, nil, nada) and all of our equipment will be removed and the area left clean.

If you are looking to engage young children within part of a family activity and would like to know more please give Penny a call on 01772 616898