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Little Learners Southport, Formby, Ormskirk & Preston

Messy Play and Mark Making in Sefton and Lancashire

What is Little Learners?

Little Learners is a franchised business offering messy play and mark making sessions nationwide. They currently have a franchise in the NorthWest and cover the Southport area. They have a Facebook page and a website.

Perhaps you have visited LittleLearners and wanted to try something similar? Well at Go Create! {Facebook page} we are proud and confident to say that we were one of the first messy play providers to offer all edible materials. All of our sessions are truly unique baby messy play sessions. All of the materials we use in baby messy play are fully edible unlike some other messy play sessions. We theme the sessions weekly and often have special baby messy play events.

What is Mark Making?

LittleLearners use mark making as one of their selling points which simply put is allowing children to draw or scrape in various materials. This could be sand or flour or paint.

Quoted from the littlelearnersuk website:

Mark making is a huge part of your child’s learning journey and one of the outcomes of a prime area of learning – Physical Development – in Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance (birth to 60 months).

When your child starts to make scribbles, patterns and shapes, this is ‘mark making’. It is the first step towards writing. Your child explores, experiments and expresses themselves through the marks they make. They begin to assign meaning to their marks, which leads to creativity and exploration.

Exploring different textures, materials and grabbing various apparatus will help your child get ready for writing. Encouraging your child to use their hands, fingers, feet and toes to make marks will strengthen their core muscles and develop their gross and fine motor skills. These skills are vital for holding and controlling a pencil and letter and number formation.

Children can mark make in many different ways: pen and paper, painting, ‘messy play’ or even drawing in the sand on the beach. All of these provide opportunities to explore a wide range of tools too such as paintbrushes, chalks, pencils and their bodies. The benefits of mark making are clear. Your child’s fine motor skills will develop and strengthen in preparation for writing.

This is something that children – babies from 5 months – preschool can do on a visit to Go Create! however we don’t call it mark making, we call it play.

Did you know that Go Create! do birthday parties. We have held 100’s of fabulous children’s parties for all ages from 1 year old to 12 years old. We have amazing science-themed parties, playdoh parties and of course wonderful craft parties. Parties start from just £10.50 and can include crafts, food, invitations, party games, mini disco and party bags.

At Go Create! we have 66 brightly coloured craft drawers which are filled with almost every craft material imaginable. We encourage children to express themselves through art, have fun and enjoy themselves.  We have lots of examples of things children can make or copy or they can just let their imaginations run wild.
For us, freedom of expression is key and we realise that kids+art+glitter+glue=mess and that’s perfectly fine because we do all the cleaning us afterwards.

If you are looking for a fun place to take toddlers and pre-schoolers during the week while the kids are at school then Go Create! is certainly an option. Throughout the week (Thursday’s and Friday’s) from 09.30-2.30pm they offer unique toddler and preschool activities which include crafts (including mark making) and a mini disco all as part of a guided session for just £5.00. This allows children from toddlers – preschoolers the opportunity to get messy with paint.

Go Create! also serve hot and cold food throughout the day. On the menu, we have sandwiches, toasties, hot dogs and beans/ spaghetti on toast. We also do lattes, cappuccinos, mocha’s, hot chocolates and regular teas and coffees.

Looking for a day out with kids around Southport – Check out Go Create!