Go Create! are Opening an Online Store..!

Yes, you read that right.

Go Create! the Uk’s first and probably best creative play center for children that gives children the opportunity to express their creativity through art is opening an online store.

It’s not quite finished yet, we are still putting the finishing touches to it but it’s semi-live and you can visit it and probably order stuff using PayPal if paying by visa or MasterCard.

Our store is designed for local people first. We are trying hard to offer the same people that use our arts and craft studio the best quality materials for use in their own home. Personally we are tired of seeing people pay rediculous prices for art and crafts materials and we think we can go some way to making a change.

You are welcome to order online and collect in store. We will also deliver locally same day within selected postcodes for a small charge.

National delivery is of course still available for a standard flat rate.

Visit our online shop https://www.gocreate-preston.co.uk/shop/