18″ Helium Filled Foil Balloon


Bring your own foil balloons to our shop near Longton, Preston for filling with Helium gas.

The quoted price is for a standard 18″ foil balloon helium filled.

Price includes inflation, ribbon & weights. No delivery, collection only.

NOTE: We stock a small selection of foil balloons however if there is a specific type you would like we can order it in. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Helium Balloon Filling Service

Foil Balloons filled with Helium Gas in Preston

We can fill your foil balloon. Just bring in your balloon from ebay, amazon etc and we will fill it for you.

Please note. We will not be held liable for any balloon that fails to inflate due to defects, rips or tears if purchased elsewhere.

Prices based on a standard 18″ foil balloon. These could be round, square, heart-shaped etc.